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The Fabulous Chi-Ali

Chi-Ali, the youngest member of the Native Tongues (De La Soul, ATCQ, Jungle Brothers, Black Sheep) was 16 when his first and only album was released, and only 14 when he started recording it. After climbing the billboard charts in the early 90's, his rise to stardom came to a halt when one poor decision in 2000 change the next 12 years of his life. A manhunt which went on for over a year, featured Chi Ali on the hit TV  show America's Most Wanted after he was on the run for manslaughter charges; inevitably this lead to his capture in 2001.  Upon being released in August of 2012, with an Associate’s degree in Behavioral Sciences and his personal experiences within a system that is detrimental to the lives of millions of families in one of the wealthiest nations; Chi Ali vowed to himself to be a part of the solution to these communities. Now 42 years-old, six years after being released from prison for serving 12 years of a 14-year sentence; Chi-Ali looks forward to impacting & uplifting people by sharing his story, experiences, life lessons and knowledge by speaking around the country. He is currently an activist for prison reform, a mentor, a motivational speaker. and an author of "The Autobiography of Chi Ali", which will be released in early 2019.

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